About Me

I'm a full-stack developer by day and hobby game developer by night. I'm interested in user experience, system architecture, and scalable state management. I have experience working in large codebases and on performance critical collaborative applications.

Now days I mostly work with React and TypeScript. I'm also mildly fond of TailwindCSS for reducing CSS code complexity and Storybook for documenting components and their use cases. In my spare time I enjoy working with Rust game engines and contributing to several open and closed source game repositories.

  • Currently Senior Front-End Developer at ZVerse/Revaly.
  • Former Full-Stack Developer at The Refinery, LeafFilter, and Tracker.
  • Open source game developer and contributor.

Although I take on the Full-Stack roles my expertise lies in Front-End technologies such as TypeScript, React, and CSS (including CSS pre-processors and frameworks such as TailwindCSS).

I enjoy dabbling in Rust development and more specifically, game development in Rust using engines such as Godot and Bevy.

I put most of my focus on developing open source solutions and contributing to open source as I find it very rewarding and I enjoy helping other developers create their passion projects.

When it comes to development, I focus on clean, maintainable code which is thoroughly documented and tested.I always try to find the right tool for the job even if it means failing until I do so.

When not working, developing a game, or deciding whether to create a game engine or CMS, I enjoy going on hikes, playing video games, or relaxing at a local brewery.